Online Degrees Could Bill Your Legal As well as Legal assistant Professions

The demand for qualified legal professionals and legal assistants is anticipated to grow faster compared to the national average for task growth within the following five years. Stiff competitors is anticipated, making your decision to enter the lawful occupation an important one. The on the internet program you pick will certainly be a crucial decision affecting the degree of success you enjoy.

While legal assistants as well as lawful aides when were trained at work, companies today are increasingly relying on staff members that have actually currently finished some type of official lawful education or training. That’s why a lawful or legal assistant accreditation, degree or online degree is so essential to your future success in the legal occupation.

Among a legal assistant’s crucial tasks is assisting lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, tests, as well as business conferences. Your courses and on-line programs will teach you to check out the facts of cases and make certain that all pertinent info is thought about. Colleges as well as on-line institutions additionally will teach you important skills such as preparing the legal arguments, drafting pleadings as well as motions to be submitted with the court, obtaining testimonies, as well as assisting lawyers throughout trials.

Once you have made your legal qualification through an on the internet lawful degree, you will certainly be able to locate work in all types of organizations, however the majority of are employed by law office, company legal divisions, and various federal government offices. Your level program or on-line training courses will certainly prepare you for work in all locations of the regulation, including litigation, accident, company legislation, criminal legislation, fringe benefit, intellectual property, labor legislation, personal bankruptcy, migration, household regulation, and realty.

Because computer use as well as technological understanding has actually ended up being important to legal assistant work, a well-rounded level program or online program is critical.There are several methods to end up being a paralegal. Progressively, companies favor grads of four-year paralegal programs or college graduates who have actually completed paralegal certificate or on the internet paralegal training programs.

Over 800 formal legal assistant training programs are supplied by 4-year colleges and universities, law colleges, neighborhood and also junior colleges, company schools, and also exclusive schools.

Legal assistant programs include 2-year employee’s degree programs, 4-year bachelor’s degree programs, as well as certification programs that take just a few months to finish. Numerous certification programs just need a high school diploma or GED for admission, yet they generally are developed for students that already hold an employee or bachelor’s degree degree.Your lawful or paralegal education and learning will prepare you for a fulfilling and also relaxed life. According to the National Organization of Legal Assistants, paralegals had an ordinary salary of $38,000 in 2000.

Attorneys Are One of the most Giggled Off Professionals

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I used to be an attorney, but now I am a reformed character. – Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924).

Pun apart, dictionary states a lawyer is a professional licensed to practice legislation; conduct claims or provide legal recommendations. The famed lawful encyclopedia ‘Thomas Gales’ goes additionally in explaining a lawyer as “Any type of qualified person that prosecutes or defends causes in courts of record or various other judicial tribunals”.

Most of the times the terms lawyers, counselor at law are interchangeably utilized with attorneys as well as they are excellent unless there is some expressive contraindication.

How Does One Become a Legal representative?
So that one ends up being a legal representative, he or she need to acquire a level at law after three years’ full time study at a regulation school (four years for part time course). The name of the training course varies in different states within UNITED STATE as well as various other nations. And there is bachelor’s degree to be completed as pre requisite to admission to law colleges.

Before one could start off as lawyer in his/her state, he or she should pass the bar at legislation exam as well as for various other states to admit them for method legislation; there is one more stipulated duration of method in their corresponding states.

Expert Remuneration.
A lawyer, under the ‘attorney’s lien’, is qualified for sensible payment from his/her clients, although, he or she is needed by legislation to render some done for free company. Lawyers have it in their rights to assert their rightful charges by keeping any building or cash coming from their customers. Nonetheless, there are numerous successful attorneys of global repute to whom their customers, both corporate and specific, are prepared to pay expensive charges. One last word to the aspiring prospect: this is one highly gratifying field for the right prospect who works wonderfully and also relentlessly.

Lawyers Commitments.
Lawyers, the guards of legislation, as they are acclaimed, have some responsibilities too, instead of their customers. Leading: Legal representatives can’t simply randomly cease representing any kind of one customer unless, court permission is gotten by them. 2: Attorneys can’t, either on purpose or inadvertently divulge to third parties as well as challengers etc, the information of the instance as long as they co0ntinue to stand for the clients. This is maybe, by far the best protection to gullible clients from effective elements in resistance and from meticulous legal representatives.

Credit rating Attorney.
A credit rating attorney will certainly instruct you on the best methods of saving your credit track record as well as being able have a good credit score overall. Too, she can assist you to learn how to include your investing, that you never ever once more require the solutions of a credit history lawyer.

Having said all these, still a concern continues to be unsolved! Why lawyers are one of the most laughed off professionals?

How To Choose A Divorce Legal representative In Toronto

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Selecting a Divorce Attorney or a Family members Attorney in big city facilities such as Toronto, Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hillside and Vaughan, could be really challenging because of the huge quantity of separation lawyers and household legal representatives practicing in these locations in Ontario.

Experienced divorce lawyers as well as family attorneys could help you through an extremely difficult time in your life and help you stay clear of extremely costly monetary and emotional errors. Really challenging and life changing choices have to be made, influencing several individual as well as important issues, such as child safekeeping, youngster access or visitation, joint protection, kid support, spousal assistance, property department, financial obligation division, equalization of net household properties, the matrimonial home, separation contracts, amongst several others. Picking the ideal divorce and also family members lawyer is the crucial to obtaining the most effective cause your divorce.

You and also your children’s rights and also well being may be impacted for years in the future. Separation as well as household legislations have lots of several lawful technicalities and are regularly based on lawful analysis and also your divorce lawyer or household legal representative must be experienced in these areas. Issues of youngster guardianship as well as kid assistance could exceptionally impact your children’s ongoing advancement.

If you or your partner is taking into consideration divorce process, it is necessary that you get in touch with a separation and also family members legal representative to discover your rights as well as commitments. Do not sign anything or take any activity that can impact you or your youngsters’s rights, without obtaining appropriate lawful guidance from a qualified family and also divorce attorney.

Employing the right divorce as well as family members lawyer needs even more job than just checking out your regional yellow pages. You can begin your search for a separation and family members legal representative by speaking with family and friends and asking for references. Contact your realty or company attorney for a reference to a family as well as divorce attorney. There are numerous various other means to find divorce and family members legal representatives also. When you have actually located some, Google the divorce and family members lawyers’ names and check out any type of posts they might have created.

Household and also divorce lawyers should be chosen on the basis of their experience and also years of method. Does the separation lawyer specialize in, or mostly deal with, separation, youngster guardianship, kid access or visitation, joint guardianship, kid support, spousal assistance, property division, financial obligation department, equalization of net family members homes, the matrimonial residence, splitting up arrangements and also all various other related family and divorce regulation concerns. Lawyers that likewise exercise company law, property, criminal law etc. are generalists and do not focus on divorce and also household regulation.

When you consult with a family and also separation attorney, ask concerns however, prepare your concerns ahead of time– exactly how is youngster protection, kid accessibility or visitation chose, exactly what is joint wardship or shared custody, just how much will certainly you receive or will certainly you have to spend for youngster support and also for how long, how does spousal assistance job, exactly how will your home be separated and also what is included, exactly what occurs to your home, who pays for your financial obligations as well as lendings, just how much will certainly it set you back, what steps are associated with the process, the length of time will certainly it take– could you resolve or do you have to go to Court, exactly what is a Separation Contract –

Ask what the lawyer’s ideology has to do with bargaining a negotiation or litigating (litigating should be a last hope).

The family and also divorce lawyer need to be clarifying all this as well as far more to you at your very first conference. Make certain the separation as well as household legal representative you select, answers your concerns and also makes you really feel that you and also your case is important and not just an additional number. Your lawyer must not speak to you in legalize but in simple normal language to make sure that you recognize specifically just what is going on and exactly what will certainly take place in the future. You must pick an attorney that you really feel comfy with and also with whom you could depend expose your individual and also secret information and also a person that will certainly not make you feel crazy or unpleasant for asking questions concerning things you do not recognize.

Your separation as well as family lawyer must be thoughtful as well as understanding because of the emotional issues involved. Many divorce as well as family members lawyers have undergone their very own individual separations and also have experienced your situation personally as well as skillfully as well as may remain in a better placement to empathize with you as well as understand specifically how you are feeling and just how they could help you a lot better.

An Introduction To Anonymous Surfing

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Personal privacy is an appropriate most individuals method everyday. It’s why bathrooms have doors as well as locks, cubicles at the collection are created to block out the glimpses of various other patrons, voting regulations that permit you to cast a ballot anonymously exist, as well as commuters don’t rest on your lap in the subway (unless it’s really crowded, naturally! ) So it’s not a surprise that individuals anticipate a particular amount of personal privacy when surfing the Net. In fact, many individuals assume their on the internet tasks are entirely confidential– besides, no person can see you in the World Wide Internet, right?

However, this is not the situation. Internet surfing is not necessarily anonymous, even though it might appear to be. To start with, your ISP (Access provider) has the capacity to log all the sites your IP (Internet Procedure) address sees. Your IP address is how your computer system is determined every single time you browse through to the Internet. Second of all, the actual websites you see can conveniently track your IP address and also log it for future reference. Your IP address does not define your actual name, yet it’s not difficult for the proprietor of a particular website to link your IP address to your ISP.

It’s secure to presume most Net web surfers worth anonymity online because that is what makes the Internet an one-of-a-kind encounter. For the first time in record, people from around the globe with access to a computer have been able to attach to each other, communicate, and also share details without needing to disclose individual information. On the Internet your pen names is your identification. It is this chance to stay confidential that has enabled many individuals to practice free speech and also use the Web as a device of expression.

If used for legitimate activities, the Web develops an online forum in which the ordinary individual could refer other individuals who discuss similar passions and review problems that could be trigger for embarrassment, chiding, or oppression in other circles. For example, utilizing a pseudonym allows the specific to be imaginative, lets worried citizens voice discontent over business techniques, as well as makes it feasible for abused minorities to express their feelings and also review subjects pertaining to their encounter without fear of . As a resource of info, the Web is also an excellent place to study sensitive subjects, such as hair loss, without having to reveal your identity. It’s simple to see why people may wish to safeguard their privacy in the digital world.

You may want to remain anonymous online for various other factors too. Some shopper call for security from the government, companies, or firms. Companies utilize anonymous browsing to investigate their competitors incognito, while legal representatives use it to see sites that will aid him/her make a strong instance for a client without revealing their conduct to the individual under examination, which could endanger a situation. The average individual wants to surf anonymously simply to avoid the spying eyes of intrusive internet sites and also aggressive marketing firms.

So just how do you browse anonymously? The only method to maintain your surfing routines under lock and secret is to conceal your IP address using anonymous internet surfing technology. Anonymous internet surfing requires the use of a proxy web server, which is placed between you and the site you are going to. Basically, your web internet browser “talks” to the proxy server (rather than straight to the site) as well as the proxy server then “talks” to the site, shielding your IP address from sight. The internet site just sees the proxy web server. Just make certain you pick a proxy server you trust due to the fact that the proxy server will know your IP address.

Although all techniques of anonymous browsing entail making use of a proxy web server, there are a number of ways to deal with it. The initial technique overcomes another website. You simply check out the web site of the proxy server and then type the LINK of the site you wish to search. You’ll then be required to the internet site via the proxy web server.

An additional approach needs that you download a client application. This is a program that handles everything, concerning the proxy web server, on your behalf so you don’t need to bother with anything other than surfing.

A confidential internet proxy company is one more means to continue to be confidential online. With this approach you need to configure your browser to indicate a confidential web proxy, but once this has actually been completed your browsing encounter should be fairly hassle-free. These services are public as well as exist for the sole purpose of confidential browsing by proxy.

You could also set up your internet browser to browse through your option of a confidential server– the difference below is that an anonymous web server does not promote as a web proxy company. Rather, you could discover checklists of these servers released on the web. One more difference: you could unknown who is running the service, and therefore, the server might potentially tape your web website traffic.

If you choose to employ an internet proxy company, here are some points to look out for:

1. A respectable solution needs to set up a TLS or SSL passage for you. This means network sniffers won’t be able to be all ears on your browsing routines.

2. Pick a service that sustains the methods you want to use. Some solutions supply FTP, while others just support HTTP. Some likewise offer HTTPS, yet not all.

3. A great proxy company must do greater than simply conceal your IP address. It should additionally eliminate website traffic such as cookies, manuscripts, pop-ups, banners, and referrer information. Just make sure you have the alternative to set up these components to make sure that web sites for which you should use biscuits and also pop-ups will not be made pointless.

No matter exactly how you prefer to browse the internet anonymously, you’ll definitely relax simple knowing that your personal privacy isn’t being jeopardized whenever you visit.


Copyright is a lawful fiction manufactureded to secure the works of musicians, developers as well as trendsetters. Basically, it is a legal bar, allowing exclusivity for those that develop works in the kind of an intangible possession which could be marketed or relinquished, as well as which expires after a particular time frame. With the growth of the net, as well as the creation of more and more content, the inquiry of copyright is becoming increasingly more appropriate, and also one which an increasing number of webmasters are thinking about to protect their own interests. In addition, with the increase of the consultant market, the issue of copyright is becoming a heated up subject of debate for both buyers and also sellers at every phase in the manufacturing chain, and the impacts of not having the appropriate legal rights could possibly be possibly devastating. In this article, we’ll consider exactly what copyright is, and also just how it associates with the internet in content development.

Copyright is a synthetic concept that provides the creator of a job, or the person he sells the right to, the legal right to use or customize in entire or in part, as well as to call their own. It has a various definition in most jurisdictions, however the basic principle coincides: the creator possesses the original copyright to the operate in concern, and also has the liberty to pass this on at will, generally in consideration for money. Where a creator is dealing with compensation, copyright is manufactureded to work as a lien in his favour, indicating that if he produces and passes on yet does not receive remittance, he can withhold copyright and demand breach where appropriate. Naturally, he would also have solutions under the regular legislation of agreement, yet the grasp of copyright is a really effective device, which can also be used versus the 3rd party buyer from the original commissioner.

Copyright is manufactureded as a tool to cover what is called copyright. Devoting intellectual thoughts as well as suggestions to paper, or making them substantial is generally adequate to trigger the copyright protection, which normally lasts for a number of years in preventing others from metaling concepts. This is mostly created to encourage forward believing and also art, and also could be a crucial tool in securing the economic passions of those responsible for some of the world’s most crucial developments. Consider the creators of the seatbelt, Volvo. Volvo can have utilized their copyright to stop other suppliers from installing seat belts, and also this would certainly have sufficed to protect other manufacturer from doing so. Naturally they waived their civil liberties for the security of the public, which is likewise a possible factor to consider for the creator of something new as well as ingenious.

Copyright is an exhaustible right, and it normally expires on an offered day, after which all works go into the public domain. This means that those who create new items have enough time to capitalise on their idea prior to the globe at huge can participate. Regrettably for lots of musicians, this means their imaginative works can no more make them money particularly, and can be made use of royalty cost-free; a fact that has actually caused much uproar and also discontent in the last few years.

Copyright is a dynamic location of the law, and is especially relevant to the internet. As increasingly more material of an increasing number of varieties is created online, there comes a should locate protection in copyright law to stop dishonest celebrations from making use of material without authorisation. In combating this, a number of international legal organisations have actually been developed for dealing with copyright violation, and aiding those without lawful assistance to fight cases for the defense of their work. It is unquestionably a location of law that is on the ascendancy, as attorneys globally strive to discover a natural structure to on the internet copyright regulation, as well as the defenses online writers ought to be managed for creating their jobs. A minimum of within nationwide borders, it is very feasible to count on copyright laws to shield and also govern material.


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Trade Secrets are a type of intellectual property which a company owns, this is classified information that allows a company to retain certain economic advantages over its competition. Broadly speaking, this information is not available publicly.

A lot of companies will invest time, resources and money into generating this information, as it can have a great impact on their profits. Trade secrets remain so defined even when they are disclosed to agents and employees, providing it is made clear that the information is confidential, and any further disclosure is prohibited.

Theoretically speaking, the protection that covers trade secrets can last for an indefinite period, this is why it is advantageous compared with the type of protection that patenting offers, as this relates to a particular period of limited duration.

How Does a Trade Secret Remain Classified as a Trade Secret?

For a trade secret to remain so classified, the owner of the secret must be able to prove that he took reasonable steps to keep the information classified. If this can be proven, it remains a trade secret and retains its legal protection. If it cannot be established that reasonable steps were taken to keep the information classified, then the owner may lose the trade secret, even if the way it was gained was by using an illegal method.

How are Trade Secrets Protected?

Trade secrets are protected through the use of non-disclosure and non-compete contracts with employees of the owner of the trade secret. This agreement to confidentiality is normally in exchange for an employment contract. If these contracts are then breached the owner is entitled to place a financial penalty upon the individual who disclosed the trade secret. The owner of the trade secret may also be able to obtain an injunction, damages or an account of profits from the court if their secret has been stolen.

These methods are also used in agreements between the owner of the trade secret and other businesses with which that owner has to work with or is otherwise engaged in the course of the enterprise.

In some countries, the theft of trade secrets now constitutes a crime. The UK protects trade secrets by enabling an injured party to apply for a search and seizure order (injunction) to preserve evidence or to prevent it from being destroyed.

When are Trade Secrets Protected?

Trade secrets are only legally protected if they have not been obtained using illegal/improper methods. It is also illegal to get someone else’s trade secret if that person is aware of the fact that the trade secret has been obtained from another by unauthorised means. Unofficial means could include bribery, theft, the breach of duty to uphold secrecy, misrepresentation or by spying (espionage).

What Measures can be Taken to Maintain the Confidentiality of a Trade Secret?

As has been mentioned previously, the owner of the trade secret must have taken action to ensure the secret’s protection this could include incorporating warnings or notices on written documents, security measures that are physical (for example, regular security checks), installing CCTV and restricting access for individual employees to information or computers.

If reasonable steps are taken from the beginning, this provides the most cost-effective method of protecting a company’s trade secrets. As registration is not required to protect a trade secret, the costs involved in protection are typically made up of ensuring there are sufficient security measures and policies in place to prevent trade secret theft, as well as ensuring these are efficiently monitored. Costs will include any legal fees that need to be taken against those that have stolen trade secrets.

Copyright is a form of legal protection that provides the creator of an original work with exclusive rights of ownership. The protection arises automatically as soon as the work is given physical form and it is not relevant whether the work is published, unpublished or registered with the Intellectual Property Office. It also covers any medium. Therefore, if you record an audiobook version of a book by your favourite author or upload your friend’s photos online, you will be breaching their copyrights unless you have got their permission.


Providing the work is original, the following types of work can be protected by copyright:

  • Dramatic and musical works such as dance or music to songs.
  • Literary works such as novels, song lyrics, newspaper articles. Instruction manuals, particular types of electronic and paper databases and even the layout of the text and typography used in these works.
  • Artistic works such as paintings, sculptures, maps or technical drawings.
  • Broadcasts, films and videos.
  • Web pages and other material available on the Internet including website designs, artwork, logos and graphics.


  • Names, titles, slogans or phrases cannot be protected by copyright but may still be eligible to be registered as trademarks or protected under the common law of passing off;
  • Products or industrial processes also cannot be protected by copyright law but may qualify for patent protection;
  • Ideas are not protected by copyright law as work has to take physical form before protection becomes available (i.e. an idea for the good book cannot be copyrighted, but once the book has been written it will automatically qualify for protection). Therefore, any work that expresses the idea will be protected, unlike the idea.


  • The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 does not provide the precise definition of the term ‘originality’ which is a matter for the courts to decide given particular circumstances. It is usual for the courts to determine whether or not a particular work is original by referring to the amount of skill, labour and judgment that had gone into that particular piece of work.


In the vast majority of cases, copyright is attributed to the author, creator or collective who created/authored the work in question. Nonetheless, if the work is produced in the course of employment, then the first owner of copyright will most likely be the employer of the individual who created the work, this does not apply to contractors who preserve the copyright over any work provided unless other contractual arrangements between the parties exist.


As an owner benefiting from copyrights you will be able to freely:

  • Reproduce the original work;
  • Prepare any derivative works
  • Broadcast, perform and display the work in public; and
  • Distribute copies whether for free or profit;
  • Grant exclusive and non-exclusive licences for the use of your job;
  • Sue anybody who infringes your copyrights.


Although, generally copyright law is quite strict, the concept of fair use sets out certain actions that will not result in an infringement of the original work. These include:

  • Use of the work for private and research purposes (i.e. use of quotations or excerpts providing that the quoted material is properly referenced and not excessively used).
  • The inclusion of the copyrighted material by the incident (i.e. when you take a holiday photo with a movie billboard somewhere in the background).
  • News reporting and criticism.
  • Recording broadcasts for viewing later at a more convenient time.
  • Playing sound recordings for a non-profit making organisation.


The period of copyright protection depends on the type of copyright work. Literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works attract copyright protection for 70 years after the death of the creator. Similarly, films remain copyrighted for 70 years after the death of the last to die of the first director, screenplay author, and author of the dialogues or composer of the music. Broadcasts and sound recordings are protected for 50 years.


No one has yet been found liable in civil terms or guilty in criminal terms, but the inevitable pleas of ignorance and finger pointing have started already. Aside from the considerable distaste caused by the hacking, it is a reminder of the darker side of human nature and survival instinct are also quite depressing.

In some cases, whilst no judgments can be made at this stage, it would seem surprising if the individuals did not know more than they acknowledge and excuses based on ignorance or stupidity would seem somewhat facile.

As an example of who may be in the firing line, along with numerous others, may well be Daniel Cloke, Head of News International HR and a director.  Due to his senior and integral role in the events surrounding the 2007 internal investigation into the affair, it is difficult to see what excuse he can make for examining 2,500 internal e-mails and finding no “smoking gun”. Mr Cloke may well argue that if the company’s city lawyers, who also saw these documents, didn’t find anything wrong, he was entitled to take their advice and come to the same conclusion and so the game of pass the parcel may continue. It will be interesting to see if such an argument will hold any water if any civil or criminal proceedings are brought against Mr Cloke in the future.

Large parts of commercial businesses in modern economies are technology driven.

The constant number of acquisitions, joint ventures and takeovers in the information technology sector makes the intellectual property an increasingly important topic. Entities participating in the transactions as mentioned above need to protect themselves adequately against being misled or overestimating the value of the transaction. For this reason, they will inevitably need to conduct intellectual property due diligence.

Properly carried out intellectual property due to diligence can be beneficial both to the buyer and the seller. For the purchaser, the results of the proper analysis can be crucial in determining whether or not the transaction is economically viable and in line with the business’ policies and expansion strategies. On the other hand, the seller has an opportunity to compare his or her estimates of the business’ worth with those conducted by the buyer.

Caveat Emptor

Since the doctrine of ‘caveat emptor’ applies to most acquisition transactions it is for the benefit of both parties to properly carry out due diligence. Under the doctrine, the buyer is not able to recover any losses suffered as a result of defects that the seller had not intentionally kept hidden from the purchaser. Therefore, the buyer has to ensure that all facts about the intellectual property are scrutinised. On the other hand, the seller so long as he or she fully cooperates with the buyer and facilitates the buyer’s due diligence does not have to worry about being sued for any post-completion defects.

What to check?

Below you will find a list of essential tips for conducting efficient intellectual property due diligence process. The list is by no means exhaustive, and you should always seek professional advice from legal specialists and accountants before acquiring any business, engaging in joint venture or just entering into an agreement.

Firstly, it is surprisingly common for the buyer to fail to scrutinise basic facts about the intellectual property assets subject to the transaction. Right at the start the buyer should verify the following:

  • Who is the actual owner of the goods in question?
  • Is the asset at issue adequately protected (i.e. not expired)?
  • Is the agreement in question for exclusive or non-exclusive rights?

Secondly, especially when undertaking a full audit during a merger, acquisition, takeover or licensing arrangement where copyright, trademark or patent rights are involved; it is important to at least follow the below checklist:

  • Employ an experienced IP professional who will evaluate the actual value of the IP rights in question. If the estimation does not reflect your expectations discuss it.
  • Fully understand what assets and rights are subject to the transaction.
  • Verify all documentation provided by the seller with particular emphasis on registration documents. Commission an independent professional specialist to verify and confirm the history of the IP rights in question. Ensure that all registration fees have always been paid on time and that at no point has the IP been examined by a third party. It is also important to check for any potential pending disputes and litigation.
  • Request formal disclosure of ownership details for all IP owned by the seller. Check if the seller does not himself or herself own any conflicting intellectual property rights that would put limitations on the acquired IP.
  • Conduct relevant searches to ensure that the IP is not subject to any finance debt arrangements (i.e. subject to the mortgage).
  • For patent rights, it is important to ask for any related patent rights, especially any future improvements to the existing pattern that might have been discovered and subject to patent protection as well.
  • Request details regarding third party interests in the IP in question.

In recent years both the US and the UK, authorities have published troubling data about lack of intellectual property awareness among small business owners. The UK Office of Science and Innovation stated that although corporate institutions were extremely protective and aware of their intellectual property rights, small businesses were lacking in that respect.

The Intellectual Property Office has even launched a brand new scheme – an IP Health Checks pilot scheme to help small enterprises to identify and protect their intellectual property. With the recent changes in the UK making intellectual property lawsuits more accessible to small businesses it is crucial to raise awareness. Below you will find the summary of the recent changes brought into UK IP law and a list of useful tips that can potentially help you identify and protect your IP in a more efficient way. Another useful tool can be found here.

The IP Law Changes

The Government has introduced the Patents County Court (Financial Limit) Order 2011. The Order will make it more affordable and easier for small and medium enterprises to bring lawsuits for intellectual property infringements. The Order implements a new limit of £500,000.00 for damages in the Patents County Court; this means that cases will be likely to be resolved without the need for costly litigation in the High Court. In the past, cases below the £500,000.00 threshold were not automatically allocated to the Patents County Court and exposed businesses to virtually total costs – this put off many small businesses from even considering bringing a claim.

Any IP to protect?

Many small business owners fail to recognise the uniqueness of their products or industrial processes. Intellectual property refers to some different categories of original creations. The protected classes of inventions include both tangible and abstract works and in commercial context mainly include industrial patents, creations and trademarks.


How well-developed is your brand? Do your customers recognise your logo or name and buy your products because they clearly know that they come from your company?
Is your company involved in any of the following:
Publishing and printing including books, newspapers, brochures or packaging.
Information technology including software or online solutions.
Music industry including composing or recording music.
Entertainment including movies and other audiovisual materials.
Industrial innovations and design.
Is any of your goods or services that you manufacture or plan to provide unique to your company?
Have the above been developed by somebody employed or contracted by your business; or have you licensed them from a third-party on either exclusive or non-exclusive basis?
Companies that provide unique and original products or solutions are likely in the possession of the valuable intellectual property. Even if you have not developed the IP in-house, but contracted your work out to somebody else the IP is still likely to belong to you so long as you have paid for it. If you have obtained a licence to use the IP you are entitled to benefit from it and likely to be responsible for co-operating fully with the owner to ensure that nobody infringes the IP.

Have you done your research by conducting trademark/copyright searches with the Intellectual Property Office? – If not you can search the register for free at the UK IPO’s website.
Do you use contractual arrangements to protect your IP from being disclosed? – You should always ensure that not only your employees are under non-disclosure obligations but foremost anybody who is externally contracted to test the IP.
Do your employees keep logs of any inventions made and are they properly trained and instructed on how to identify original creations?
Have you every registered any intellectual property rights with the UK Intellectual Property Office?
Did you know that you can quickly register your trademark in the European Community at the same time as recording your IP with the UK IPO?